52nd and 53rd CSS Degree

Courses and shark monitoring
14 August 2019
Great white shark short notes about Biology and Ecology
14 September 2019


It is with great pleasure that the Sharks Studies Centre staff congratulates Valentina and Luna, that on July 31st 2019, they discussed their Degree in University of Cosenza, respectively:

52nd graduated CSS / Unical Anello Valentina, Degree in; Whale shark food ecology.
53rd CSS / Unical graduate, Graziadio Luna Degree; Ability to discriminate shapes and colors in the White Shark.
Tutors: Prof.Sperone E., Ph.D.Micarelli P.

Both Valentina and Luna, after participating in the expeditions organized by CSS / Unical, dedicated to the study of white sharks and whale sharks, were able to successfully use the data collected in the field to present their Degrees. Congratulations to both of them and best wishes for next studies.

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