1° Poster European Elasmobranch Association
31 October 2019
Video I° day Whale shark expedition Madagascar
20 November 2019

The team of the Sharks Studies Centre, who arrived on Tuesday 11 November in Nosy be in Madagascar, is active, after a couple of days of fine-tuning the material and organizing daily activities. As part of the project: “Whale Shark Feeding Ecology”, developed in collaboration with the University of Calabria, Siena, Ispra Livorno, Univ. Federico II Naples and Anton Dorhn, the challenging 4th Scientific Expedition is supported by the Team of Manta Diving – Nosy Be , Madagascar, with which the CSS has a memorandum of collaboration and is already proceeding to collect data on: identification of specimens, zooplankton, chemical water analysis, aerial shooting (drone) and underwater of the feeding behaviors of sharks. The team includes university students from Univ.Bicocca Milano (Bava and De Nicolo graduates in master’s degree), Univ.Siena (Rosai graduate in master’s), Panizzuti Univ.Bicocca and Aicardi PhD student Univ.Genova, coordinated by CSS Head Micarelli and Veteran CSS.
A second group will also join for the collection of data from 2 December until the return scheduled for 12 December.
Since 2016, the project is active having already produced several three-year and master’s thesis, as well as Poster in international congresses and works in progress that we hope to publish in 2020.
In the coming days we will publish videos, photos and reports of the activities carried out that can be followed in the morning in some live FB streams. In the video you can see a male specimen of about 5 meters, nicknamed Esteban, in honor of the student of The Bicocca who for health reasons could not be the expected 8th member of the Expedition, but who follows us daily from Milan. The video was released by Racheele Rosai for CSS on November 14.
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