Sharks Studies Centre – Scientific Institute

Whale Shark Ecology Expedition Madagascar
14 September 2019

Nursery and Laboratory CSS

The Sharks Studies Centre is hosted at the Aquarium Mondo Marino Tuscany Italy and managed by “Posidonia” a non-profit Association a private organization.
The purpose of the Centre is to contribute to the knowledge of sharks and to spread the awareness that it is essential to take action to protect them.
The Centre was established in December 2009 in AMM – Massa Marittima and will develop its activities in relation to the financing that it will be able to activate for the individual research chapters.
Currently the internship activities are already available for students in their last year of university.
Agreements are active with the Universities of Siena, Messina, Calabria, Ancona, Pisa, Florence, La Tuscia, La Sapienza Rome, Bologna, Cà Foscari Venice, Messina and Trieste in Italy, Toulouse and Paris VI (France), Stellenbosch (South Africa).
The Centre uses the aquarium tanks and the tools available in the aquarium laboratory useful for the study of Mediterranean sharks or from other latitudes.
The tanks are equipped with all the equipment necessary for the breeding of sharks and are of different sizes for the various experiments to be carried out.
Microscopes, spectrophotometers and other material for water analysis are available in the laboratory.
In the Center there is a researcher, student interns and volunteers.

Members of the scientific committee are:

Dr. Compagno J.V.Leonard (Shark Research Center – South Africa) since 2013
Dr. Micarelli Primo (Aquarium Mondo Marino – Centro Studi Squali – Univ. Siena) founder
Dr. Sperone Emilio (Univ. Of Calabria) co-founder

Prof.ssa Marsili Letizia (Univ. Siena Prof.) since 2015

Dr. Serena Fabrizio (CNR) since 2011
Prof. Tripepi Sandro (University of Calabria – Full Professor) since 2011