Congress European Elasmobranch Association 2019

Whale Shark Ecology Expedition Madagascar
14 September 2019
Program CSS 2020 in progress
14 August 2019


The end part of 2019 will be very intense for the Staff of the Sharks Studeis Centre. In October the CSS will be engaged from 16 to 18 with the important European Elasmobranch Association Meeting 2019 European Congress to be held in Cosenza at Unical and which has already had great success in terms of Registrations and papers proposed by researchers coming not only from European continent, but from many other countries, USA, Australia, Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa etc.

Congratulations to all the members of the Organizing Committee of which the CSS is a member and good job to the Referees of the Scientific Committee, also with the CSS present in the front line, engaged in the revision for acceptance of the numerous works received and which will be presented in October.

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