Djibouti Whale shark Didactical Expedition

Ecotourism and white shark
14 September 2019
Video on the CSS with an interview with the Director on TV1 TUSCANY
14 September 2019

“Elegante” Gibuti

Djibout Whale shark Didactical Expedition

We remind that the organization of the Educational Expedition has already been activated: Whale Shark in Djibouti, scheduled for January 2020. By connecting to the link, you can get more info and send the adhesion for the selection candidates that will take place by October. We remind you that during this expedition (not a holiday trip), with the logistic base the beautiful “Elegante” sailboat, a couple of dives will be carried out, nighttime with whale sharks and in the coral reef of Ras korali. The goal for 2020 will be to continue the collection and photo identification activities, already carried out in 2017 and evaluate the number of specimens present at that time of the year. #squalobalena #gibuti, #spedizionedidattica, #rhincodontypus, #css, #elegante,

link: Expedition program

link video: Didactical expedition 2017