Program CSS 2020 in progress

Congress European Elasmobranch Association 2019
14 August 2019
Courses and shark monitoring
14 August 2019

The program of activities that will be carried out at sea with forwarding and monitoring by the CSS for 2020 is being completed, however, after the successful Whale Sharks identification Cruise of 2017 the new Didactic Expedition to Djibouti is already in progress, always dedicated to Whale shark that will take place in January and that in addition to snorkeling with whales, will also enjoy a couple of scuba diving in the colorful reef of Ras Korali, for owners of at least one open, all aboard the beautiful Gulet: “Elegant” which has already comfortably accommodated us in 2017. Memberships are open, we remember that it is not vacation trips, but scientific or educational activities, dedicated to the knowledge of sharks and to the collection of useful data to the CSS in its Research and Conservation activities which we remember does not receive any kind of public funding. For membership, proceed from the site as indicated, after careful reading of the program. All participants contribute to the shipping costs. Priority: University students, divers and true shark enthusiasts

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“Elegante” Gibuti

Inside boat “Elegante”