South Africa

Madagascar – Djibuti
17 April 2019

South Africa

South Africa

Great white shark – Blue shark – Mako


During the educational expedition divers will be able to observe the great white from the protective cage, while they will dive to observe mako and blue sharks contributing to the data collection.
During the expeditions two courses will be held: “Shark Biology” with final certificate from the CSS and “Padi Shark Aware Conservation” with final license.
Logistic support of Marine Dynamics and White Shark Africa.



The Educational and Conservation activities, adressed to university students, enthusiasts and divers, are of primary importance in the Philosophy of CSS to increase public awareness of the importance of Shark conservation for the important place they occupy in the Seas throughout the world.

With this in mind we are pleased to inform you that thanks to the collaboration with the Amphibian Diving School the CSS will co-organize some educational expeditions dedicated to divers shark enthusiasts who will also obtain the “Padi Shark Aware Conservation” license in addition to the CSS Certificate on the Course Biology of Elasmobranchs.

The participants, in addition to discovering many species of sharks, observing them in their natural environment, guided and trained by experts in the field, will thus be able to become “Sharks Ambassadors” for their ever more risky Preservation, also contributing to their functioning of the CSS with the donation provided for each expedition.