20 November 2019

Video I° day Whale shark expedition Madagascar

20 November 2019

The team of the Sharks Studies Centre, who arrived on Tuesday 11 November in Nosy be in Madagascar, is active, after a couple of days of […]
31 October 2019

1° Poster European Elasmobranch Association

    ABSTRACT: Since 2000, the CSS team (Sharks Studies Center), as part of the project: “Ecology and Ethology of the Great White Shark”, has been […]
10 October 2019

List Poster and talk CSS XXIII° Congress EEA

      Here are all the Titles, including talks and posters made by and in collaboration with CSS, wich will be presented at the European […]
14 September 2019

Scientific Program XXIII° EEA Meeting Cosenza October 2019

AVAILABLE Complete program of presentations and posters to be held on the occasion of the Sharks Congress which will take place at the University of Cosenza […]
14 September 2019

Video on the CSS with an interview with the Director on TV1 TUSCANY

Video on the CSS with an interview with the Director SU TV1 TOSCANA Interesting report by the journalist Andrea Gragnoli on the Sharks Studies Center of […]
14 September 2019

Djibouti Whale shark Didactical Expedition

Djibout Whale shark Didactical Expedition We remind that the organization of the Educational Expedition has already been activated: Whale Shark in Djibouti, scheduled for January 2020. […]
14 September 2019

Ecotourism and white shark

Ecotourism and white shark To carry out the observation activities in the wild of white sharks, it is necessary to rely on local tour operators (Shark […]
14 September 2019

Great white shark short notes about Biology and Ecology

Great white shark short notes about Biology and Ecology White sharks are cartilaginous fishes belonging to the Phylum Chordata, the Subphylum Vertebrata, the Chondroichthyes class, the […]
15 August 2019

52nd and 53rd CSS Degree

  It is with great pleasure that the Sharks Studies Centre staff congratulates Valentina and Luna, that on July 31st 2019, they discussed their Degree in […]
14 August 2019

Courses and shark monitoring

Students and shark enthusiasts can participate throughout the summer in Shark Courses and Monitoring, which lasts one week at the Sharks Studies Centre – Scientific Institute, […]
14 August 2019

Program CSS 2020 in progress

The program of activities that will be carried out at sea with forwarding and monitoring by the CSS for 2020 is being completed, however, after the […]